Integrated PV Panel System

Alloa, Clackmannanshire

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335w Viridian Clearline Fusion panels

Solar Panels on house roof icon

Growatt inverter and battery storage

Solar Panels on house roof icon

Smart Export Guarantee eligible

This is an example of an integrated (in roof) solar PV panel array installed in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. This highly efficient system has been created using 335w Viridian Clearline Fusion integrated PV panels with a Growatt inverter and battery storage system. This solar PV system was installed while the property was being re-roofed and is Smart Export Guarantee eligible.

The roof is south-east facing with a 35-degree angle which is suitable for a solar PV array. The DC cables are installed through the roof structure into the attic, and then run down through the building to the plant room area. An AC cable is supplied from the inverter to the generation meter which is situated next to the inverter. The client will use the majority of the energy produced and therefore will reduce the pay-back period significantly.

Integrated solar panels

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