GivEnergy Solar Panel System

Callander, Stirling

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14 x 425W Trina panels with SolaSkirt

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8.2kW GivEnergy battery storage

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Smart Export Guarantee

Solar Panels Callander
Solar Panels Callander

This example is of our most recent install, a 6kW solar array with GivEnergy 5kW hybrid inverter and 8.2kW battery storage system in Callander that we have only just completed in time for Christmas. It is grid tied and takes advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee payments. The solar panels have been installed on a south facing roof which will bring quick payback on the investment.

There are 14 x 425W Trina solar PV panels which have been mounted on the concrete tile roof. They are protected from birds and high wind lift using SolaSkirt around the edges. The DC cables from each PV panel are connected together in two strings and enter the building through a special roof tile cable entry. The DC cables are then connected to a GivEnergy HY.5.0 Hybrid dual input Inverter which converts the electricity to AC. The AC supply is connected to the main consumer unit via a generation meter. All appropriate surge protection, isolator switches, earthing, identification and safety labelling etc has been installed.

Is battery storage for you?

Energy storage allows you to use more of the eco-friendly energy you generate from your solar panels. The storage capacity your home or business will require is dependent on your current electricity usage.

Your monthly energy bill will indicate how many kilowatt hours of electricity you consume on a monthly basis. Central Renewables will take this value to calculate the battery storage you require and from there will be able to design your perfect solar panel and battery system, as well as give advice on how to get the most from your battery storage.

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